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2014 Jingle Your Bells Lineup

Lucky Date

Even with an alias like Lucky Date, Jordan Atkins-Loria had to hustle hard to carve out his own space in the electronic dance music world.

His diligent devotion to the craft has recently begun to payoff in a big way though. With an inimitable progressive house sound, he’s become a sought-after artist and remixer, drawing the attention and endorsement of everyone from David Guetta and Tommy Lee to Porter Robinson and Excision. However, it’s taken a lot more than luck for him to get here.


The Minneapolis-based producer who calls himself Vaski has made a name for himself on the strength of his bass-heavy productions, which are so massive that they shake building foundations and are guaranteed to rattle your brain piece. Drawing influence from sounds ranging from screamo, metalcore, and hip-hop, he’s put down a slew of killer releases on the Rottun Recordings label, which belongs to another heavy bass maestro, Excision. However, it seems like our boy Vaski is now looking to evolve his sound and extend his reach to even more listeners, all of which are thirsty for their daily dose of lowend wobbles.


Born and raised in Northern California, G.A.M.M.A. (AKA Paul Plescov) burst onto the techno scene in 1997. Listening to many different styles of underground electronic music at a young age has made G.A.M.M.A.’s own musical style diverse, hypnotizing, and addictive. Spinning a continuous and flawless mix of bass music, dubstep and house, has brought G.A.M.M.A. worldwide notoriety.

Atom ONE

Atom O.N.E. has many great things going for him. Not only is an energetic DJ, but his really dynamic/diverse with each set. Atom is gifted with creativity and It does not end on the stage. In addition to his stage presence, modern technology has bridge the gap between musician and fans. Atom utilizes social networking to the point where it seems like he has a one to one relationship with all of his fans.

Vice Versa

Vice Versa have both been huge fans of dance music for years and their two different musical taste have been the driving force in creating unique sounds and DJ sets. Musics major impact on them has always been something they can turn to whether it finds them in the best moods or a rainy day.Coming together for the passion of dance music and making something special that has been a blessing.

Plus more!
Nick Nyquil * DJ Bfunky * Curty McDurty
Moonjuice * Prime Balance * Cue 22 * Lë Bëk
Old Griff * Nik@Nite * Sean Tron and BK * Goodfellas

More coming soon!